Race other players

Challenge other players in the game to a race on the race track.

Hang out with others

The game is an open chatroom.

Make your own CDs

Create a custom music CD with midi files from your computer, and share them with other players.

Fight other players

Challenge another player to a duel in a battle arena, or enter the PvP (Player vs. Player) room for free-for-all combat.

Use lots of emotes

Use emotions / "Ham Ham Chat words" that were ripped (and recolored to look better) from Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!, along with several original ones.

Write in Paper

Make papers such as newspapers, or a love letter.  They can be set to be read by anyone, or to be able to be read by a specific player only.  You can use HTML in the papers.

Play laser tag with others

Play a game of laser tag with as many players as you want in the laser tag arena.  Shoot a laser tag beam to hit another player.  If they're hit three times, they're out.

Private chat with buddies

Chat privately with friends with the in-game BIM (BYOND Instant Messenger,) if you feel like it.

Drop, sell, trade, buy player-made items.

When you make a CD with midi music (or oggs under 1mb) or a paper or custom clothing or some other item, you can then make copies of your item, drop your item for other players to pick up and check out, or give some copies of your item to a Seller Ham NPC so that they can sell it to other players (even while you're offline,) and you can collect the coins you've made at any time.


Don't feel like a freak of nature?  Rest assured, you can ask another player if they want to fuse with you.  If they accept, you both become one character (until you defuse or run out of MP) that both players can talk through and move together.  Some characters get specific graphics: If a Hamtaro and a Bijou player fuse, they will become "Bijaro."

Become someone's ham

Ask someone to be your ham, and feel the warm glow in your heart of your "special friendship!"

Battle monsters

Fight monsters across a different variety of fields.  Upon leveling up, you can choose where your two points go (Dex, Agi, Str, Vit, or Luk.)  There's different battle spells that you can learn.

Unique stats

You can unlock much stronger (but rarer) types of critical hits, when you have enough points in your luck stat.  There's also HP, Maximum HP, and Initial HP (and this was before Final Fantasy XV did the same idea.)  Eating sunflower seeds have a chance of permanently increasing your initial HP or several of your other stats.

Share pictures and play music

You can post pictures from your computer in the chat, or play a song (if it's a midi or an ogg under 1mb) for all of the other players to hear.  Players can choose to not have the music change on them, if they want.  Other players can download the song that was played, or the picture that was posted.

Battle bosses

Enter a tournament where you can fight against some tough hamsters.


Build anywhere, inside or outside.  Create your own clubhouse.

Clothing and Accessories

Purchase different clothes from a few different shops in the game using in-game coins that you've collected.

Varied locations

Visit the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, explore the outside, train at martial artist Abu's dojo, explore Hamster Heck, a mysterious laboratory, fight in outer space, and more.