Download BYOND

Ham Ham Rivals Chat was created using BYOND, and requires having BYOND to be installed to play it.  You can download it here:

What is BYOND?

It was used to create online games for years.  Games like Space Station 13 were created in it.  So I mean no, its not ransomware, you can trust it.

Play Ham Ham Rivals Chat

After you've installed BYOND, you can go to the Ham Ham Rivals Chat hub page:

There are two options: "Download" and "Play Now" (if its currently being hosted.)

If you want to join an online game to play with other players, then you should click on "Play Now."  It shows yet another page, and you have to click on "continue," and then "Ham Ham Rivals Chat" will load up.

If you want to host your own "Ham Ham Rivals Chat" server for other players to join, and you have ports open on your router, then you can click on "Download" to load up the game in offline mode, and then click the blue "host" button in the corner to host the game for others to join.

How do I control the game?

When you first load up the game, you can select choices by either pressing 5 on your numpad, or by simply clicking on the "Select" below the screen.

When you're in the game, you can move around with the arrow keys.  There are MANY verbs (commands, Ham-Ham words, etc.) you can perform by clicking on them on the panel.

You can punch other monsters by clicking on them.  Or, if there is a Punch button in the corner, you can click on that to punch the enemy that you have targeted.  This is how you fight in the boss battles in the tournament.

You can target an NPC or player by clicking on them.  You can use spells on who you have targeted.

In Laser Tag, you can either shoot a laser tag beam by either clicking "Shoot Beam" in the "Tag" panel, or by simply pressing 5 on your Numpad.