2002: The Beginning

There was only one room: the clubhouse.  And there were two hamsters to choose from: Hamtaro and Bijou, each with around fifteen Ham-Ham Word emotes from Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!
I asked people for suggestions, and someone ("JohnReaper") suggested for there to be a hamster heck and a reaper ham.  That's why "Hamster Heck" is the third map in the game and there's "reaper" verbs (commands.)

The game was called "Hamtaro Chat" or "Ham-Ham Clubhouse" or "hamtaro rp and chat" or something, I'm not sure, I don't remember.

2003: Hamtopia

In like 2003 or maybe 2004, the game became affiliated with Hamtopia forums.  The members of that place would play the game often.

2005: Ham Ham Rivals

The game kept on getting bigger with more maps and features.  There was a title screen and a character select, where you can use an arrow to choose your options, for the first time.  Only back then, instead of playing Final Fantasy music and having a fantasy background, it had a plain orange background and it played Paper Mario music.  It was a bit incomplete.

I added a story and I was trying to think of a new name for the game, and my friend, SafiMoyo (who also drew the art there,) thought of the name "Ham Ham Rivals."

2012: Ham Ham Rivals Chat

In like 2007 or 2010 or 2012 idk when, my best friend that always puts me down and says I'm not funny or good at being serious or anything, and he says he just uses me to play games, and for the past 15 years he's made all of my friends and girlfriends hate me and like him instead, told me to stop trying to put game-like features in the game and realize it should just be a chat game because he likes to chat and play midi files and he kept saying to stop focusing on fighting enemies and activities and NPCs and the story and just make it be a little chat app, so I renamed it to "Ham Ham Rivals Chat" and made it so any player can create NPCs etc. at any time and everyone is pretty much a game master.

2017: Still updating

I was using my twitter originally to post change notes as I work on the game.  After already updating the game a lot without the twitter, I ended up with over 100 tweets worth of update notes before I released the new update this year.  I've then released like eight more updates with changes, additions, and bugfixes.  The underground dungeon, and part of the incomplete labortory dungeon that I've been working on, have become playable finally.  New spells were made.  Many things were added before 2017 too, such as Laser Tag and being able to make polls and some other things.

2018+: Hamster Rivals Hangout

Now, I want to release an original game on Steam, called "Hamster Rivals Hangout!"

For some reason, whenever I upload screenshots of this game, people say that it looks like a bad Hamtaro bootleg.  So, I'm trying to hire someone for the fourth time to make graphics for the game, and hopefully this time people won't say that it looks like a bad Hamtaro bootleg.